Powerful streaming features right at your fingertips

Everything you need to create fully interactive events online

Register attendees and control access to your webcast

With Kastio you can control access to your webcasts either through open registration or through secure password protection. Let users access your event with a simple button click, or require multi field data collection. If you're running a secure event you can opt for a master password, unique passwords, pay-per-view, or choose to grant access only to certain domains or email addresses.


Now you can use Eventbrite to register attendees for your website. Attendees use their unique order number to access your event and their data is automatically pulled into your dashboard. Now you can setup one ticket type for your physical attendees, and one for your virtual webcast attendees.

Embed the launch form on your website

Unique to Kastio, you can launch your webcast from any website using our simple login widget. Now your clients can keep their traffic on their website and embed the launch form on their custom landing page. All the fields and built in security comes with it. You can even match the colors too.

Customize your landing and viewing pages

Add background images, change colors, add logos, calendar reminders, and create rich HTML descriptions for your events. Landing and viewing pages are easily customized to match your brand at the click of a button. All your pages are responsive so they'll work on any device or screen size. 

Whitelable pages and URL's

With whitelableing you can remove the Kastio branding from all your public pages and even change the URL to your own domain. No one will know you're using a third party platform to host your webcast.

Pre-show Image & Countdown

When your event is closed, viewers will see your pre-show image with a countdown. This let's you test your live event in background. Once you're ready to go live simply open the event and your viewers will see your live stream.

Bring your own live streaming platform

With Eventstream you can use the embedded player from any live streaming service you want. Simply copy and paste the embed code into Eventstream and you're ready to go live. Our unique code masking technology will ensure that no one can copy your video code ensuring that your live stream will be secure.

Integrated live streaming & recording add-on

Kastio includes a completely integrated streaming system as an optional add-in. Simply send us a single RTMP feed from your encoder and we'll deliver a multi-bitrate stream to the customizable video player.

Transcoding and Transmuxing

Send one RTMP stream from your encoder and get back 5 optimized bitrates configured for playback across all devices and connection speeds.

Auto Recording and Archiving

Your event is automatically recorded and available after your event for on-demand playback and downloading.

Send automated email reminders

Easily send registration, reminder and post-event emails right from the platform. Your viewers can receive an email as soon as they register, and again as your event gets closer. You can also choose to send an email as soon as your event starts to anyone who has registered but isn't on the webcast. This is great for those folks who like to come online as the webcast is starting.

Emails can be easily edited to change the content, and macros make it simple to add in your event details. You can also change the logo to keep consistency with your event's branding.

Invite your team to collaborate

Producing great live events is all about team collaboration and Kastio supports your whole team. Add Producer and Moderators to any event to help you before, during, and after the show. Each user role has different permissions ensuring you're not giving up too much control or access the rest of your account. Inviting new moderators is a snap and no registration is required on their part.

Team Chat

Chat with your fellow team members right from the live control room. You can see exactly who is online and it makes team communication easy, especially if you're in different locations.

Login Support Chat

Viewers who are having difficulties logging in to your webcast can initiate a live chat with you right from the registration form. This makes it easy for you to provide support right when they need it.

Manage incoming questions with powerful moderation controls

Kastio boosts a powerful live questions platform to accompany your live stream. Private questions can be asked by the virtual and in-room audience and appear instantly in your dashboard. From there they can moderated, highlighted, and queued for the speaker to answer.

Presenter view

A custom view for your Presenter that can be opened on any comfort monitor pointing at the stage. The presenters view shows the speaker approved questions, private notes from the moderator and a custom countdown.

PowerPoint Add-in

Send approved questions directly into your presenters PowerPoint presentation so they appear on screen automatically. Your presenter can flip through the questions with their remote, the same way they flip through their slides.

Keep viewers engaged with public chat and live polls

Easily add a public chat between all viewers and moderators to keep the conversation flowing through the event. Viewers can express their thoughts publicly with other viewers and revisit the public chat during event replays.

Live polls are also integrated into Kastio letting you setup and launch as many polls as you like during your live broadcast. Choose to show or hide poll results in real-time and track polls data right at the viewer level as part of your post event analytics.

Send update messages & add social widgets

Need to update your viewers on schedule changes, breaks, and other news during your live event. Now you can send out public messages to everyone watching at any time. Kastio also supports third party embeds so you can show your Twitter wall or other social feeds.

Track the stats you care most about

Kastio keeps track of all the analytics you need to see how your event is performing. Track when viewers come and go in realtime. See how long they watched for, what city they're watching in, and what device they're using. After your event, export your data to Excel and easily upload it to your mailing list or marketing automation software. The report also includes viewers questions in case you wish to follow up with those questions that couldn't be answered live.

Host video-on-demand replays

Once your event is over, setup on-demand replays for anyone who couldn't attend live. You can continue to use the same registration system for on-demand creating a passive income stream through pay-per-view. Create playlists to make it easy for viewers to navigate between sections of your event, or show it all as one replay. You can also set ticket expiry time to discourage access code sharing between friends. If you're using the integrated CDN add-on, Kastio provides you with a recording of your live stream automatically. If you're using your own player, you can add VOD's directly from that platform.

Even more features

Questions from Physical Attendees

Take questions from your in-room event attendees. Simply share the short URL with them and they can type their questions into their mobile device. The questions can then be moderated and sent to the speaker. Say goodbye to mic runners!

Multi Language Support

Display your landing and viewing pages in the native language of your event. We currently support English and French with more languages being added. 

PowerPoint Presentations

If your event has PowerPoint presentations and they're not being  fed into the stream on-site, you can upload them to the app and switch between slides. You can also allow viewers to download the slides presentations.

Event Agenda & Resource Section

Upload and display your event agenda, speaker details and related files right on the watch page. Let your viewers easily download the materials from your event right to their computer in one click.

Post Event URL Forwarding

Automatically send your viewer to another webpage as soon as your webcast ends. Great for getting your viewers to take an action after your event like answering a post event survey.

Auto Scaling Cloud Infustructure

Hosting a large event? Our app is built on cloud infrastructure so it will scale up as big as you need it to. No matter what size your event is, or how many attendees your have, we'll be ready for it.

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